EEB142 Exam 2 Study Questions

EEB142 Exam 2 Study Questions - EEB142 Exam 2 Study...

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EEB142 Exam 2 Study Questions 1. What are some ways that animals use the mangrove root system as habitat? 2. What causes the geographical limits of mangrove forests? 3. What adaptations do mangrove exhibit to cope with the high salinity and low oxygen sediments of their habitat? 4. How do crabs positively and negatively affect mangrove forests? How were these effects experimentally tested? 5. Describe three ways that mangrove roots provide habitat to other species. 6. Describe two ways that sponges growing on mangrove root benefit mangroves. What benefit does the sponge derive from this association? 7. Explain the idea of how environmental stability contributes to coral diversity. What are two lines of evidence for this? 8. What is the connection between mangroves, sea-grass beds and coral reefs in terms of the life history of fish? 9. Describe the important herbivores in sea grass beds 10. What was Jackson’s hypothesis on the effect of sea turtles on turtle grass in Florida? How were his ideas tested by Bowles and Bell? 11. In Byers (2000) paper on salt marsh snails, what type of competition was occurring between Battilaria and Cerithidea ? 12. Batillaria has advantages in two traits that allow it to outcompete Cerithidea . What are they? 13. Describe the mutualistic relationship between hermatypic coral and zooxanthellae. 14. What five physical conditions influence where corals are found? 15. Why don’t you find large coral reefs near the mouths of rivers (two reasons)? 16. Why don’t you find coral reefs below 25-50 meters? 17. Why are coral reefs restricted to areas between the equator and 30 o latitude? 18. What is the upper temperature limit for corals? What happens when they are exposed to temperatures over this limit for too long? 19.
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EEB142 Exam 2 Study Questions - EEB142 Exam 2 Study...

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