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Reading (Smith Family) - T h e S m it h F a m ily T h e fo...

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The Smith Family The following short scenarios for members and their partners and contacts are a fictional representation of real risks of transmission and are based in fact. Read through and take notes on each of the individuals and use this information to take the extra credit quiz on iLearn. Use only the information in the scenarios to determine your answers. The mother, Angela, has eight children and works as a nurse. Her duties include assisting with amniocentesis, working in a kidney dialysis unit, drawing blood and giving injections. Today while working in kidney dialysis, the dialysis machine “blew up” and blood splashed in her eyes. She also stuck herself with a needle during the accident. The hospital has advised PEP and a baseline antibody test. Richard is the step-father and is a police officer. He and his police partner were the first to arrive at the scene of an accident involving two people. There was a lot of broken glass. An older woman was bleeding profusely from a head wound. Richard’s partner told him he will work on the woman because he believes the other victim is gay because he “knows who those people are” and he doesn’t “want to get near some gay’s blood.” He did not use latex gloves and said he doesn’t need to worry about the blood from the woman. Richard did use gloves and is always careful to use standard (universal) infection control procedures. Daughter Georgia has been living in SF for a number of years. She was sexually molested/raped during her youth by her father (Paul) whom Angela divorced. When she was a
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Reading (Smith Family) - T h e S m it h F a m ily T h e fo...

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