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Term Paper Guidelines - Bio 327 Term Paper Fall 2011...

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Bio 327 Term Paper Fall 2011 Directions: Your Term Paper must be turned in using “Turnitin.com” by Friday, October 21, 2011 . There are a two different ways to submit the paper. 1) You can copy and paste your paper into a text box or 2) attach it as a Word document or Text file and upload it to turnitin.com. I strongly urge you to not wait until the last minute to finish the paper and to upload it. I would recommend you begin with free writes, have a rough draft done by Mar. 7, and then rework your paper over the next week and a half, editing for clarity and content. PUT YOUR FULL NAME AND STUDENT ID AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAPER. This applies whether you submit your paper as a Word or Text document, or copy/paste your paper. DO NOT REWRITE OR CUT AND PASTE the questions (they will register as plagiarized); include the number of the topic (ex. #1, or #4, etc…) and the text should be only your answer. SUBMIT ONLY ONE DOCUMENT – THE FINAL DRAFT – TO TURNITIN.COM via ilearn You will write about four topics out of the five possible ones. Your first topic will be a choice between either 1 or 2 – that will be the first topic. Everyone MUST do 3, 4 and 5. USE THE QUESTIONS WITHIN EACH OF THE NUMBERED TOPICS TO GUIDE YOUR RESPONSES. EACH TOPIC IS WORTH 25 POINTS. YOUR PAPER SHOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 10 PAGES IN LENGTH (about 375 words per page). RESPONSES TO EACH TOPIC SHOULD BE A MINIMUM OF 2 PAGES. IF YOU USE THE MINIMUM FOR A COUPLE OF TOPICS, YOUR OTHER TOPICS WILL NEED TO BE LONG ENOUGH TO MEET THE 10 PAGE LIMIT. USE STANDARD FORMATTING (TIMES – 12 POINT FONT, DOUBLE-SPACED).
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This note was uploaded on 12/06/2011 for the course BIOL 327 taught by Professor Peteringmire during the Fall '11 term at S.F. State.

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Term Paper Guidelines - Bio 327 Term Paper Fall 2011...

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