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DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Course Outline Econ 500 – Money and Banking Fall 2011 General Information: b Instructor: Dr. Zuzana Janko b Course: Econ 500, Section 01 b Time: Thursday 16:10 – 18:55 b Location: T-R 4 b Office Hours: TW 17:00 – 18:00 or by appointment b Contact Information: o Office: HS 146 o Telephone: 415-338-7113 o E-mail: Required Reading: b Textbook: F.S. Mishkin, The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, 9 th edition, 2009 b Articles: Additional reading material will be provided by me to complement the reading. Course Outline: (subject to change) b Money, Banking & Financial Markets Chapters 1-3 b Asset Pricing & Interest Rate Determination Chapters 4, 5 b Financial Institutions and Interest Rates Chapter 9-11 b Central Banking & Monetary Policy Chapters 12-16; and 24 depending on time Expectations and Class Behaviour: b I strongly believe that students that attend class do so to engage in the lecture. Hence, any behaviour such as reading of newspapers/magazines, texting, talking on the phone, surfing the net, chatting, etc. is not acceptable behaviour in the lecture. You are welcome to do any of those things outside of the classroom, hence if I find anyone disrupting the class I will ask the student(s) to leave the class for that day. b Students are expected to participate in class on material related to class when asked. My asking you to work on problems in class is designed to ensure that you have an opportunity to ask me questions and that I have an opportunity to observe how well you all are absorbing the material. Students not participating will be asked to leave the class. b Use of laptops in class is permitted, however I, nor the Economics Department, will NOT be responsible for any damage that occurs to your laptop in class . Keep the cords out of the way, and make sure you are always in control of your laptop. I strongly suggest having your laptop charged prior to coming to class (so you do not need to use your charger). San Francisco State University College of Business Department of Economics
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Course Requirements: Assignments – 20% b There will be 5 assignments that are due at the beginning of class. You can submit the HW assignment before the due date (just place it in my mailbox). I do not accept assignments over email. b I will randomly select questions to grade; hence the whole assignment WILL NOT be graded. However I will take points of if ZERO attempt is made to answer a questions, hence ALL questions must be attempted. b
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Syllabus - DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Course Outline Econ 500...

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