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Sample Quiz 1 Solution

Sample Quiz 1 Solution - Version Fin 536 Sample Quiz 1...

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Version Fin 536 Sample Quiz 1 Solutions Name____________Section_4pm/7pm Note: You must review all potential topics for the quiz. This sample quiz does not cover all testable topics. 1. Fill out the answers. a. To purchase $240 in Mexico, you need __2448_ ___Pesos if the current spot exchange rate is Peso10.2/$. b. In 2004, the U.S. was running a deficit of $560 on the current account and a surplus of $590 on the capital and financial accounts, ignoring the statistical discrepancy, the balance on the U.S. reserve account was $__-30_ _. The amount of reserve in U.S. __ increased _ (increased/decreased) during the year. The balance of the U.S. Federal Budget was $_-550___ if Investment=$400 and Savings=$390. c. In 2001, Exxon Mobile purchase an oil field for $2 billion in Congo, Africa, and the deal would be recorded under the financial account as a ____debit__ _ (credit/debit) in the U.S. BoP. d. Citibank quotes ¥98.40-100.30/$. Then the bid price of yen is _$0.00997/¥_or ¥100.30/$___ _____ and the bid price of dollar is _____¥98.40/$_ ________. e. The exchange rate between yen and U.S. dollar was ¥100/$ in Jan 2009 and ¥90/$ in August 2009, then U.S. dollar
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