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Unformatted text preview: What is the genetic material? What is its structure? is its structure? How is it copied? How is it expressed? (in Eukaryotes) Genetic information flows in one direction... transcription – assembly of RNA (polymer from RNA nucleotide monomers) along a template DNA strand translation – assembly of polypeptide chain (from of polypeptide chain (from amino acid monomers) using 3 types of RNA recall the differences between RNA and DNA structure 1) single strand vs. double 2) different sugar in backbone in backbone 3) pyrimidine base Uracil replaces Thymine review formation of Hydrogen bonds between complementary base pairs Cytosine pairs pairs with Guanine Adenine pairs pairs with Thymine (or Uracil) there are 20 amino acids; these are the subunits from which all protein chains are made in protein synthesis, each amino acid specified by a codon (specific sequence of 3 nucleotides on mRNA) sequence of nucleotides on mRNA) each amino acid has several codons (redundancy) genetic code is nearly universal among organisms RNA structure differs from DNA... phos...
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