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Business Company Summary - Manuel Duenas Summary Report...

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Manuel Duenas Summary Report Barnes and Noble/ Borders Group Based on all of the information gathered between Barnes and noble and borders group. One can notice a distinguishing difference among the two retail bookstores. Although the economy as a whole has been performing poorly, the focus has been on some sectors more than others. Retail has certainly been an area that investors have paid careful attention to, because a consumer's true thoughts about the economy are often reflected in retail spending. Some retail stores are managing to survive, by cutting expenses and drawing in customers to huge sales events. When popular bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders are analyzed there are many differences among the two considering annual reports and stock exchange values. Throughout the time studying the two notable companies it was clear that Barnes & Noble was the wisest choice to make an investment. With Borders already in the process of selling one feels confident in a company not up for sell. Unfortunately for Barnes & Noble and its investors, the company reported revenue of $1.12 billion, just short of the estimated $1.16 billion, falling 4.4% from the third quarter results last year. But recent studies have shown that compared to Borders dwindling stock Barnes & Nobles is in a much more secure situation. All ratios point toward Barnes & Noble as the
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Business Company Summary - Manuel Duenas Summary Report...

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