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Bus 12 Rich Okumoto Format: Listening Retaining Remembering Listening is a key factor and a beginning stepping stone that enables me to create connections for later use. I can say that I am a great listener. But this may not be true to the untamed and inexperienced student. I seem to be these two types. Sure I can hear everything that is said in a lecture, even take notes. However, without the proper execution of the three step process of maintaining information, gathering material at the listening stage is useless. Retaining the knowledge learned in lecture is either easy or difficult. This stage is rather difficult for me because I do not properly utilize the particular step. One should read (listen) then re-read, think about it, understand it and relate the data to life experiences or life situations. I am not too familiar with engaging in this process
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Unformatted text preview: unfortunately. This is mostly due to lack of motivation – which is either due to laziness or leads to laziness. As a result, my limit to using the knowledge I hear about is difficult to retain and hence remember when it is necessary. Remembering knowledge is a crucial success skill in making it through each semester alive. Since my limits end in the very beginning of the process one can honestly state that my skills to recall previous information is weak. I can remember things that interest me because they tie into things I already know and I find fascinating but this is not enough to become a respectable student with good grades or even an individual ready to enter the working world of business....
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