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Answers to Additional Problems Chapter 2 Additional Practice Problems Briefly explain why protonated triphenylmethanol would more easily dissociate into the corresponding cation and water than protonated tert -butanol. H 3 C C CH 3 CH 3 O H H H 3 C C CH 3 CH 3 O H H C O H H C O H H + + triphenylmethyl cation tert -butyl cation H 3 C C CH 3 CH 3 C (+) charge is localized on one carbon C C C (+) charge is spread out through resonance into the ring shown and the other two rings as well. Thus, the (+) charge is very stable and easier to
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Unformatted text preview: generate. For the following compounds, determine the number of sigma bonds, and indicate the hybridization and geometry of the specified atoms. N O OH hybridization? bonds hybridization? bonds CH C CH 2 CH 3 CH 2 geometry geometry 14 sp 3 tetrahedral 12 sp linear 2006 Gregory R . Cook page 1 Chem 341 North Dakota State University...
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