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Answers to Additional Problems Chapter 10-11 Additional Practice Problems 1. Which of the following diastereomers would undergo E2 elimination faster. Explain. Br Br Br Br H H must be in this conformation with H's anti- periplanar to undergo E2 elimination. This conformation is much higher in energy than the equatorial Br most stable conformation cannot eliminate Br H H Br most stable conformation CAN eliminate 2. When the alcohol shown below is treated with HCl, the substitution product is the chloride
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Unformatted text preview: shown. Write a mechanism to account for the formation of this product. What would you expect for the stereochemical outcome of the product? OH HCl Cl OH HCl Cl O H H carbocation planar and in resonance Cl product will be racemic © 2006 Gregory R . Cook ’ page 1’ Chem 341 North Dakota State University...
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