Week 8 - Promotional Flyer (example)

Week 8 - Promotional Flyer (example) - CHARITES GYMNASTICS...

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Unformatted text preview: CHARITES GYMNASTICS unleash your talents . fin e a gymnast d the ecom star within you . b Do you enjoy twirling a ribbon or playing with a hoola hoop? Then Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect answer for you! Charites Gymnastics train those who aspire to become a professional gymnast and dream of going to the Olympics. We offer programs for beginners and the more advanced studdents. Rhythmic gymnastics is choreographed to music and performed with colorful ribbons, balls, ropes, hoops, and clubs. Rhythmic Gymnastics Benefits: • Learn elegant & graceful movements. • Gain positive self esteem & confidence • Develop flexibility • Develop agility and coordination • Learn to set goals • Physical fitness • Team skills • Lasting friendship Contact Us Phone: 415-657-0952 Fax: 415-657-0354 Email: [email protected] ...
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