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Advertising and Public Relations Introduction Much of what we've covered in this course so far has been about creating value for customers. We've talked about market research, customer segmentation and targeting, products and their development, marketing channels, pricing strategies, and even the power of brands, all as important elements in the delivery of value to customers. Most of these marketing activities occur under the consumer radar. Although companies keep very busy with this kind of stuff, these actions are barely visible beyond the companies and their partners. In this module, however, we'll shift our focus a bit to one of the more customer- facing parts of marketing. In promotion (another one of those four Ps), companies work to directly communicate the value of the company, products, and services to their respective markets and customers. We know how important the rest of the marketing mix is, but where would companies be if they failed to successfully communicate to customers the value they've been working so hard to create for those customers? In this module, we'll learn about promotions and we'll talk about the key elements in the promotion mix, including advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, and direct marketing. Student Outcomes Know the different elements that make up the promotion mix. Be able to define each promotional element. Recognize many of the different forms of advertising. Understand the key parts of the advertising process. Assignments Read: Read: The Super Bowl: The Mother of All Advertising Events. But Is It Worth It? Assignment 11.1: Final Project -- SWOT Analysis Assignment 11.2: Final Project -- Name, Purpose, and Values
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Integrated Marketing Communications and the Promotion Mix Many people think of the word promotion as being synonymous with advertising. While it's true that advertising is one of the more commonly known forms of promotion, it is just one of several tools in the promotions toolkit. A company's promotion mix, also known as a marketing communications mix, consists of five main elements. These elements include the following: Advertising: This is any paid form of non-personal communication that promotes an idea, product, service, company or any combination of those things in relation to a specific brand or brands. That's kind of a long-winded definition, but most of us have been exposed to our share of radio, television, Internet, and various other forms of advertising -- enough to have a basic sense of what advertising means. Public relations (PR): PR involves building good relations with a company's various publics by generating favorable publicity, building a good corporate image, and effectively managing events and issues that may impact the perceptions of those publics. Sales promotion: This refers to short-term incentives offered by a business to encourage the
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Module11 - Advertising and Public Relations Introduction...

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