Cartier Santos - Market Research (example)

Cartier Santos - Market Research (example) - 09/30/10 ADV...

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09/30/10 ADV 112 Assignment 3 Cartier Santos People’s opinion about Cartier Santos: - Comfortable to wear - Easy transition from casual to dressy - Not really suitable for sports - Watch face is recognizable & easy to read - Well built - Good for daily wear - Very poor longetivity in the spring of the mechanism HISTORY The Cartier name is synonymous with sophistication and luxury design. It has always been known for its marvelous style and high quality products. They are better known for their fine jewelry, although their wrist watches have made a global impression through the markets. The Cartier family has always been artists of elaborate jewelry. It was first owned by Louis Francois in 1847 and the taken over by Alfred Cartier. However, the Cartier name was made more famous when his three sons took over, including Louis Cartier. In 1904, Louis Cartier was faced the challenge to design the first men’s wristwatch for his Brazilian friend and client Alberto Santos-Dumont. Santos-Dumont was one of the early great pioneers of aviation and complained about the impracticality and unreliability of wrist watches. The “Santos” was created, but was launched in the markets in 1911, and remained in production up until this point. During the early twentieth century any man wearing a wristwatch made a very daring statement,
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Cartier Santos - Market Research (example) - 09/30/10 ADV...

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