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Chipotle Mexian Grill Questionnaire (example)

Chipotle Mexian Grill Questionnaire (example) - it o $ 1 o...

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Chipotle questionnaire 1. Have you ever eaten Chipotle before? o Yes o No 2. How often do you eat Mexican grill? o On regular basis o Often o Couple of times o Never 3. What do you usually order in chipotle? o A whole meal (main dish + chips + soda) o Just the main dish o Main dish + chips o Main dish + soda 4. Is the current Chipotle portion enough? o Yes o No 5. If we were to introduce a side dish with adequate portion, how much are you willing to pay for
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Unformatted text preview: it? o $ 1 o $ 2 o $ 3 o $ 4 o $ 5 6. What do you prefer to eat along with Chipotle? o Dessert o Soup 7. Which of the following do you prefer as dessert with Mexican grill? o Ice cream o Cake o Any Mexican Food o Cheesecake o Fruit 8. What flavor of soup do you like? o Spicy o Creamy o Sweet o Sour o Healthy o None...
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