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Facebook Buying Influence - Facebook Assignment Fan Page...

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Facebook Assignment Fan Page This allows people to “like” and follow the organization. This one in particular is a wedding photography business and they post pictures of all their works up until this point, creating a beautiful portfolio. With this fan page, fans are able to stay up to date, see their latest works and familiarize themselves with the company. Just from looking at their work and seeing how good and creative they are with the finalized products makes people want to do business with them. Online Shops There are a lot of online shops on Facebook that create their accounts either as fan pages or as a normal friend page. They sell products online, ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, to contact lenses, body lotion. They will randomly add you as a friend and continue to tag you to the photos of the product they want to sell. The photo contains detail like the size, color and the price. If you are interested to buy, you can immediately contact them through comments or messaging.
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Advertisements These are ads that pop up at the right side of several pages (like your Profile Page). You can click the
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