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Final Project CJK Delight (example)

Final Project CJK Delight (example) - Advertising 112 02...

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Advertising 112 – 02 Marketing & Advertising Strategies Final Project Kelly Burke
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MARKETING STRATEGY We have decided to open a restaurant that offers a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines. The food will not be combined in the Asian fusion style, but will be sold separately as dishes from 3 different countries all in one restaurant. There is also a wide selection of traditional drinks originating from these three countries that people might be unfamiliar with. We want to introduce the authentic oriental culture and the different characteristics that each of these Northeastern food offer. The restaurant will be located in the SOMA (South of Market) district. It will be located on the cross section of Second St. and King St. This is a perfect spot since there will be a lot of people visiting this place either for work, school or living places. It will be close to the bart station so that we are easily accessible to people who have some spare time when coming off from work or waiting for the next muni to arrive. Another advantage is that we will be close to the AT&T Park, meaning that there will be a huge customer base once the baseball games are in seasons. If it’s not, then it will simply be a tourism spot where people can enjoy good food and then go off to buy GIANTS souvenirs. Typical Asian restaurants tend to start off small and will take a long time to expand. We will do the exact opposite of that because of the way our restaurant will be operated. We will start off as a big business that will implement three different sections in one: family-friendly, buffet and chef’s table. There will indeed be different sections within the restaurant itself to demonstrate this division. We start of big and will remain big. Our comparative advantage is that it will be very affordable compared to other restaurants. We want to allow customers to enjoy high quality food in a restaurant with a soothing atmosphere without having to worry about expensive prices – every single penny will be worth it. Besides that, there will be live music that can take on people’s request instead of playing the traditional Asian styled songs. These artists can be found on Craiglist, so there can be a variety of bands playing per week or month. A huge advantage with our restaurant is that you can pay using a credit card with a minimum purchase of $10. Usually Asian restaurants don’t offer this option and people have to have cash if they want to eat. However, we accept both cash and cards – it’s more convenient for the customers. The most significant benefit is that we offer real traditional dishes as if they were from the originating country itself without blending the usual California concept into it. We believe that this will be new to Western people, and something that makes Asian homesick.
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