Final Project CJK Delight Industry Research (example)

Final Project CJK Delight Industry Research (example) -...

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Asian Food Industry Research We have decided to enter the food industry, which is a very common and popular industry. Food is not just a demand, but a necessity in people’s life, and we look forward to serving them that certain necessity. We have carried out a research about the food industry to ensure that this is the right business to enter with a promising future. To start off, we started to collect secondary data, which is roaming all over the internet. To gain further detail required to start off the restaurant, we will need to conduct a market research. San Francisco has always been a great tourism spot and is one of the major cities where Asians resides in. Portsmouth Square is a region in San Francisco that consists of nine blocks surrounding Montgomery Street, also known as the notorious Barbary Coast. This part was famous for the place where vice, gambling, thievery and bigotry ran rampant. The moment they discovered gold in Portsmouth Square is when the Chinese started to migrate to San Francisco. The Chinese were in fact the only permanent resident at that moment. As the Chinese population expanded, Portsmouth Square was soon labeled as Little Canton. By 1853, the press officially named the district Chinatown. The Chinese had brought a lot of their culture to America as they started to open their own restaurants, which is known as the typical Chinese food. In fact, the Chop Suey, Chow Mein and fortune cookie were all invented in the United States and did not originate from China. This proves how opening an oriental restaurant in a foreign country is able to make a compromise with both sides. After the 1906 earthquake, many Japanese immigrants were directed towards the Fillmore District, which is where Japantown in currently located. Many Japanese wanted to open their own business with the determination to rebuild their cultural community after the Japanese American
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Final Project CJK Delight Industry Research (example) -...

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