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Final Project CJK Delight Survey

Final Project CJK Delight Survey - 4 What type of food do...

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1. What is your ethnicity? o White o African American o American Indian o Hispanic / Latino o Asian o Other: ______________ 2. What kind of restaurant style do you like? o Family-friendly o o Snackbar o Buffet o High Class (Fine Dining) 3. What features would you like to see in a restaurant? (Pick max. 5) o Catering o Chef’s Table o Counter Seating o Delivery o Disabled Accessibility o Group Friendly o Live Music o Non-Smoking o Parties/Private Rooms o Pastry Chef o Take Out o Wine Cellar o Able to pay with credit card
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What type of food do you like? o Chinese o Korean o Japanese o Indonesian o Thailand o Indian 5. Are you interested in traditional foreign drink? o Yes o No 6. How much is a reasonable price for an adequate portion of dish? (Like, beef, chicken & etc) o $ 5 - $10 o $ 10 – 15 o $ 15 - $ 20 o $ 25 - $ 30 7. Would you mind travelling a longer distance to eat at a good restaurant? o Yes, I do mind o No, I don’t...
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