SWOT Analysis Arizona Sweet Tea (example)

SWOT Analysis Arizona Sweet Tea (example) - SWOT Analysis...

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AriZona Beverage Co. Mission Statement: We make the best quality of beverages using real premium brewed tea as the main element in order to serve the best to the people and challenge ourselves to be trendsetters, not followers. We use the best natural ingredients to create the top flavors and place them in eye-catching packaging that stands out from the rest. Our beverages are affordable to anyone as they are purposefully set at a low price to help people face the unstable financial and economic situation of this country. We spend most of our money to create a high quality drink instead of the traditional advertising, which differentiates us from other companies. 1. New development in the beverages -> New flavor -> Innovative packaging -> Introduce a new product line 2. Collaborate with other companies to create better products -> Use their good infrastructure to reach out to other companies -> Create a good reputation and become the best among their competitors
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Unformatted text preview: SWOT Analysis Strength-Real Premium Brewed Tea-100% natural ingredients, no preservatives-Only $.99 for 23 fl. oz-Willing to take risk-Eye-catching packaging with Old Southern Motifs-Collaborated with Cornstar by using their VCT™ PET Bottle-Teamed up with Twinlab which supplies high quality science-based nutritional supplements Weakness-They don’t spend money on additional advertising while competitors do-Excessive use of high fructose corn syrup, which increases body fat and multiply cancer cells Opportunity-Create more ads-Create new innovations to the product (flavor, packaging & etc)-Expand to other countries instead of just the US, UK, Canada and Germany-Work together with other big business to continue improving AriZona Threats-Competition: Pepsi, Unilever (Lipton), Coca-Cola (Nestea), Cadbury-Schweppes(Snapple)-Arizona immigration Law that boycott the brand...
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SWOT Analysis Arizona Sweet Tea (example) - SWOT Analysis...

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