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Physics 751 Homework #1 Due Friday September 5, 11:00 am. 1. (a) Suppose the electron in a hydrogen atom is in the circular Bohr orbit with n = 30. How many times per second does it go around? (b) Suppose now the electron drops to the n = 29 state, emitting a single photon. What is the frequency of this photon, in cycles per second? (c) Comment on the relation between your answers in (a), (b) above. What would you guess the relation to be for n = 300? 2. Rutherford established that all the positive charge in an atom was concentrated in a massive central nucleus by analyzing the scattering of α -particles, which are He nuclei. He found that the numbers scattered as a function of angle of deflection were as predicted using a model of a point nucleus with the usual inverse-square repulsion. Would this be true if the α ’s actually hit the nucleus? Find (somewhere) the approximate size of the gold nucleus (he used gold foil) and deduce what minimum energy of the incoming α -particle would be expected to show deviation
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