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Physics 751: Midterm I Study Guide 2008 You should carefully read through all the notes I’ve posted on the web. I will ask no questions on the historical stuff at the beginning, except for the purely physics content . For example, you should have a good understanding of the Bohr atom, including the classical limit of a very large atom and how that fixes the quantum of angular momentum, and know how the Uncertainty Principle can be used to estimate the size of bound states, such as the atom on the table. You should be sure you can do all the problems that were assigned for homeworks 1-4. You should know Schrödinger’s equation by heart, the probability interpretation of the wavefunction, the conservation of probability current, and the expectation value of an operator. Be able to find the time-dependent probability and current distribution for a superposition of states of different energies. Know the definition of the delta function as a limit of a Gaussian wavepacket, and be able to Fourier transform a Gaussian wavepacket. (Know the integral you need by heart.)
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