lec15 - period ( T ) -time for one wave Waves v f T v = =...

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A wave is a traveling disturbance that propagates energy. The medium in which the wave travels could be either a substance (fluid or solid) or a field (e.g. the electromagnetic field) A periodic wave is due to disturbances that repeat in time. The disturbance could take various forms: Elastic deformation (Wave on a stretched string) Pressure variation (Sound waves) Variation in electric and magnetic field strengths (Radio, TV waves, Light) In a transverse wave the disturbances occur perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation. (wave on a string, radio, TV waves, light) In a longitudinal wave the disturbances occur parallel to the direction of wave propagation (sound wave) Wave properties : wave speed ( v ) - speed of propagation wavelength ( λ ) - distance between adjacent crests frequency ( f ) - number of waves per second.
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Unformatted text preview: period ( T ) -time for one wave Waves v f T v = = EM waves (waves of E and B fields) are predicted by J.C. Maxwell (during the 1850s) and experimentally confirmed by H. Hertz (1887) EM waves are generated by oscillating charges or periodically varying currents. EM waves are waves of electric and magnetic fields. They do not require a medium in which to propagate in. EM waves can travel through vacuum or material substance. Speed of EM wave in vacuum is predicated by Maxwell to be This value agrees with the measured speed of light in vacuum. Therefore visible light is an EM wave ( wavelength between 350 and 750 nm ). EM waves come in a wide range of wavelengths (or frequencies) Electromagnetic Waves s / m 10 3 f c 8 = = = 1 Visible light AM FM Microwave...
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lec15 - period ( T ) -time for one wave Waves v f T v = =...

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