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학번 이름 Cutting Joining Finishing Materials 20081001 Aaron ParkBlow molding Vaccum molding Photochemical machining Arc welding Spray painting Plastics 20090261 김창민 Thermoforming Compression molding Laser cutting Power beam welding Powder coating Metals 20090271 김초롱 Rotation molding Injection molding Electrical discharge machining Friction welding Anodizing Wood and natural fibres 20091190 강동인 Vaccum molding Reaction injection molding Punching and blaking Vibration welding Electroplating Ceramics and Glass 20091207 김상훈 Compression molding Dip molding Die cutting Ultrasonic welding Galvanizing Plastics 20091264 정예슬 Injection molding Panel beating Water jet cutting Resistance welding Vaccum metalizing Metals 20091571 이순주 Reaction injection molding Metal spinning Glass scoring Soldering and brazing Grinding, sanding, and polishing Wood and natural fibres 20091589 정하연 Dip molding Metal stamping Photochemical machining Staking Electropolishing Ceramics and Glass 20091608 한동희 Panel beating Deep drawing Laser cutting Hot plate welding Abrasive blasting Plastics 20092035 이승민 Metal spinning Superforming Electrical discharge machining
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