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ws-coordination - Web Services Coordination(WSCoordination...

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1 of 22 Web Services Coordination (WS- Coordination) September 2003 Authors Luis Felipe Cabrera, Microsoft George Copeland, Microsoft William Cox, BEA Systems Max Feingold, Microsoft Tom Freund, IBM Jim Johnson, Microsoft Chris Kaler, Microsoft Johannes Klein, Microsoft David Langworthy, Microsoft (Editor) Anthony Nadalin, IBM David Orchard, BEA Systems Ian Robinson, IBM John Shewchuk, Microsoft Tony Storey, IBM Copyright Notice (c) 2002-2003 BEA Systems , International Business Machines Corporation , Microsoft Corporation . All rights reserved. IBM and Microsoft and BEA (collectively, the "Authors") hereby grant you permission to copy and display the WS-Coordination Specification (the "Specification"), in any medium without fee or royalty, provided that you include the following on ALL copies of the Specification, or portions thereof, that you make: 1. A link or URL to the Specification at this location. 2. The copyright notice as shown in the Specification. The Authors and\or any other third party may have patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights covering subject matter in the Specification. EXCEPT FOR THE COPYRIGHT LICENSE GRANTED ABOVE, THE AUTHORS DO NOT GRANT, EITHER EXPRESSLY OR IMPLIEDLY, A LICENSE TO ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, INCLUDING PATENTS, THEY, OR ANY OTHER THIRD PARTIES, OWN OR CONTROL. Title to copyright in the Specification will at all times remain with the Authors. The example companies, organizations, products, domain names, e-mail addresses, logos, people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, domain name, email address, logo, person, places, or events is intended or should be inferred. THE SPECIFICATION IS PROVIDED "AS IS," AND THE AUTHORS MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, OR TITLE; THAT THE CONTENTS OF THE SPECIFICATION ARE SUITABLE FOR ANY PURPOSE; NOR THAT THE IMPLEMENTATION
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2 of 22 OF SUCH CONTENTS WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY THIRD PARTY PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS OR OTHER RIGHTS. THE AUTHORS WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO ANY USE OR DISTRIBUTION OF THE SPECIFICATION. The Specification may change before final release and you are cautioned against relying on the content of this specification. No other rights are granted by implication, estoppel or otherwise. Abstract This specification (WS-Coordination) describes an extensible framework for providing protocols that coordinate the actions of distributed applications. Such coordination protocols are used to support a number of applications, including those that need to reach consistent agreement on the outcome of distributed activities.
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