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Unformatted text preview: Position Paper Position Introduction Introduction Begin introduction by defining what it means, in Begin your own words, what the topic means. i.e. what does it mean to be sustainable or what is global warming? global Remember that you are informing the reader Remember that there are many views on the subject and that proof for both is out there that Example Example Paper topic: computerized testing Define on how there has been a switch in Define society from people grading entrance exams with a subjective eye and computers grading with a formula. Mention when it began (late in the first decade of the new millennium) and who it effects. who Page 1-2.5 Page In main body paragraph, you will prove In that your argument is correct. Never use the terms of I, you, we, or us when arguing to let reader form own opinion. arguing Use your two sources, remembering to Use keep factual and choosing authorities who are valid and would make people listen listen Example Example Computerizing testing is not beneficial to Computerizing students and people trying to take competency exams because it cannot read between the lines and see the human perspectives lines Authorities: Psychologist Dr. Edward Stefan from UCLA School of Psychologist Cognitive Learning Cognitive Dr. Joyce Ziegler, U.S. Dept. of Education. Paragraph before Conclusion Paragraph This is the refutation. Here and only here This should you recognize one person or group who disagrees with you group Remember do not critique or disagree Remember with this person or group, your entire paper was about this. paper Example excerpt Example With increasing numbers of students coming back to school due to recent troubles in the economy, frequency and convenience of testing has become more important. Administrators recognizing this need find computerized testing gives quick results and provides great customer service… customer Conclusion Conclusion In the conclusion, not only restate your In side of the argument, but be sure to caution the reader that the outcome of what you have proven will effect generations to come and can be changed even on an individual basis. even ...
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