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analysis2 - Analysis Analysis Introduction Introduction •...

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Unformatted text preview: Analysis Analysis Introduction Introduction • Keeping in mind that this paper is only 3 • • • • pages, the introduction must have some key points completed in four sentences Name of movie Director Main character with one sentence synopsis Thesis giving how you will analyze Example Example Animated films are growing in popularity, due to modern technology and comical situations that cross generations. Inanimate objects often have human qualities and can get away with things humans could not. The ability to find humor in a tow truck, such as in the Pixar movie Cars, seems unrealistic. Yet, Mater truly has become a symbol for the average good hearted individual that may not have big city values or a high education, but is a good soul. Between intro and conclusion Between intro and conclusion • Highlight four to five scenes in the movie that focus on either character or scenery • Use these scenes to show that your view of the movie is correct and use the movie to prove it, the way you did with research. Tips Tips Do not forget: Scenery effects Mood Patterns, colors, etc. make up scenery What a character says and does not say make his or her personality come out – How a character dresses and acts also shows change – – – – NEVER SUMMARIZE. ASSUME EVERYONE HAS SEEN IT!!!! Conclusion Conclusion In an analysis conclusion, you are not simply restating thesis or what you have said, you must relate the movie to the real world and suggest that others could relate to it and encourage them to check it out themselves. ...
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