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Unformatted text preview: Food Memoir: Rht 101 Food Memoir: Rht 101 Food Memoir Food Memoir Introductory Paragraph: Describe the event that you are going to talk about. Include facts like day, time, year. Mention briefly on how this impacted you or why it is even worth writing about. If writing about a cultural tradition, you may need to define the word and/or why the event occurs Example: Example: Thanksgiving Dinner Age 10 Important because it was the one time of year the family forgot pettiness and got along Important because many of the people at the meal are now estranged or have past away. Main Body Paragraphs Main Body Paragraphs Describe in detail what happens. Use the five senses to draw the reader in. Include relevant characters that were at event and if applicable, what they said in quotes and treat as its own paragraph. ________________________________ _____ “Your stuffing sucks!” Uncle Harry said. __________________________________ _____________________________________ Example Example Using sense of smell to describe turkey and food, sight to describe how orange the sweet potatoes were, touch to describe warmth of dinner rolls, hearing of drunk relatives, taste…obvious Move through time from preparation, to when meal was presented to family. Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion is a good place to reflect, which is necessary for a memoir. This is where you can mention why it is significant or worth writing about and even encouraging others to take notice of their own meal ...
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