Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - -Question: to what extent sovereigns exercised...

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Lecture 8 Venice - significance of Venice is that it became a model of social and political stability during turbulent times - ruling class was merchants, not feudal lords - had to maintain its independence against all sorts of challenges, outside pressures - liberty of Venice o had never been occupied until 1805 - Venice provided a particular system of government based on a constiution that divided authority into many different sources - Venice alerts us to the possibility of poli-centric system that can work reasonably well - The idea of checks and balance - Complex system of government based on rules - Middle class o Emphasis on commerce and trade - Mostly all practising Christians - Exclusion of clerics from government The Formation of the Early Modern State - the sovereign state - attraction for many different groups to have their own state Why is it important’ - claims and characteristics o absolutist principles from roman law majesty
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Unformatted text preview: -Question: to what extent sovereigns exercised authority or majesty of law o Through the growth of bureaucracy 1. The kings officers 2. The army 3. Finances 4. Taxation and representation-certain symbols and ceremonies associated with being a monarch-monarchs created bureaucracies to help them rule-king ruled trhough his council and his officers-England o Local level, justice of the peace Appointed by monarch Among local men of substance People at local level-finances o kings were desperate for money o rents and dues yielded to the kind as the main landowner o indirect taxation custom duties sales tax on wine, meat, cloth, salt, o king whats tax revenue on regular basis o king had to get over the aversion people had against him-king no longer rules by divine right-a ruling class, representative class...
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Lecture 8 - -Question: to what extent sovereigns exercised...

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