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Military ID JPac – LOCATE PLANE CRASH EXCATE BRING THEM HOME JPAC-CIL (The Joint POW/MIA accounting Command Central ID Lab) - History WW2, Vietnam: started with WWII - 80 ID /year - One of the world’s largest anthropology labs - WW2- 78,000 missing - Korean war- 8,060 - Vietnam- 1,740 - Cold war- 125 - Not actively pursuing WW1 Multiple lines of evidence need to come together Phases of Anthropology in JPAC - Case analysis/ negotiations o Politics/ logistics - Investigations o History and site survey so we know where we are going - Recovery o Archaeology and “ crime scene” controls - Identification
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Unformatted text preview: o Physical anthropology, material evidence analysis, odontology All of these lines of evidence need to be done to make a JPAC ID DNA is not good for the only line of evidence for a JPAC ID Making an ID:-Casualty Data: History-Recovery and Contextual evidence; Material evidence-Ect 1 st site was a bomber? Scrape layer by layer of dirt and found a button, remains, none of the remains matched the remains of the four individuals they were looking for American cemetery in luxingberg Why do you bring people home. .-For the survivors-...
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