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Gunshots in bone 11.14 - o Measure entrance wounds to get...

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Gunshots in bone Gunshot anatomy - Type of gun- handgun, pistol, semi automatic - Velocity of the bullet o High velocity tends to be larger bullets/ large gauge Hunting/military rifles .44 magnum handgun o Small velocity has small caliber bullet - Caliber of the bullet ( how big is it) o Diameter from land to land of tip - Type of bullet - Trajectory/ distance - Intermediate targets GSW measurements- - can be measure the size of a wound or hole to estimate the caliber - Small bullet can make large hole - Measure entrance wound not exit - Contact wound vs distance wound – measure distance wounds - Most guns are right twist barrels Casing and bullet make up the round Bullets- - Lead is soft, not used a lot in high powered guns - Full metal-jacketed- used in military - Hertzian Cone- the bone that’s punched out as the bullet goes through, this is used to determine entrance vs exit wounds Entrance vs Exits Wounds - Entrance wounds- o Internally beveled o Small and circular
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Unformatted text preview: o Measure entrance wounds to get an accurate measurement-Exit wound o Externally beveled o Large and irregular in shape Penetrating vs perforating-Penetrating wounds-o Entrance but no exit o Projectile recovered-Perforating wound-o Both entrance and exit o Projectile not recovered Directionality- which way did the bullet come from-Difficult to deduce in clinical setting without experience-Bullets don’t always take a linear trajectory Keyhole defects- has evidence of both exit or entrance wounds-Due to severe angulations of trajectory Lead wipe or lead snowstorm- product of bullet and jacket around the bullet Shotgun wounds--Distance between gun and victim can somewhat be measured o Petal vs scattered appearance o Close-range is petaled or scalloped on edges o Further you will get stippling patterns/ spread out Reconstruction is important with burns to see how many times the person was shot...
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Gunshots in bone 11.14 - o Measure entrance wounds to get...

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