bones 9.23 - 9/23 Sexual Dimorphism -Size and Shape...

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9/23 Sexual Dimorphism -Size and Shape Differences - SD is due to many things such as: - Divergent roles: Males a protector -Niche divergences: Males and females live in different environments and differ in size due to that General selection for increased size: sexual selection: ^ Size indicates ^fitness - Equal effective body weight: Muscle vs. fat/production vs reproduction - Adolescents and adults- seen when puberty - Males larger bones - Males have larger muscle attachments - Pelvis is best place to look to determine sex - Skull is the second best place to look Determination of sex- forensic pathologist have tissue to determine sex. We determine sex not gender -comes down to clothing and DNA Two techniques for determining sex: 1. Visual assessment: looking at features of bone: size and shape. Size is most important 2. Metric assessment: Taking measurements of bone, run measurement through formula Males: - Narrow V-shapes subpubic angle - Narrow sciatic notch (if thumb is tight fit) - Curved narrow sacrum
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bones 9.23 - 9/23 Sexual Dimorphism -Size and Shape...

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