9.16 Bones lecture

9.16 Bones lecture - 9/16 Human Osteology...

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9/16 Human Osteology Superior/Inferior- Proper terminology for humans. Refers to up and down Anterior/Posterior- Front and Back Medial/Lateral- Towards midline, away from midline Proximal/Distal- closer to body on arms and legs, farther away from body on arms and legs Section body into 3 plains- - Sagittal plane- slice the body right in half - Coronal- divides body front and back - Transverse-cuts body to a top and bottom half. Axial skeleton- consists of cranium, spine, sacrum. Center midline of body Appendicular- limbs, arms, legs. 2 types of boney fusion in body - Intramembranous- bones in skull and clavicle ( clavicle is first bone to ossify and last bone to fuse) - Endochondral- everything else. Long bones, ribs, etc o Cartilage-primary ossification center begins to ill in cartaliage- secondary ossification center forms and fuses- makes bone Sutures -Coronal-on the crown - Sagitall -Lambdoidal on back of head - Squamosal- On side of head 2 ways to number or identify teeth in head -upper right hand quadrent 1-16 to left then down left to right 17-32
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9.16 Bones lecture - 9/16 Human Osteology...

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