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9/28/11 Adult Aging- -More difficult and less accurate than child aging - Based on metamorphic and degenerative changes -Can be impacted by trauma, socio-economic status, sex, and ancestry Metamorphic Changes: 1-Pubic Symphysis - Where your pelvis comes together in the front -Need to know sex - Looking at surface of symphyseal face, it degenerates over time (smooth’s out loses ridges and furrows) -Young has ridges and furrows -Old-lipping and bony growths -Phase 1- Males: mean 18.5 Females: mean 19.4 -Phase 6: Males: mean 61.2 Females: mean 60 As adults males age sooner than females until menopause 2- Sternal Rib Ends: -4 th rib is the best estimator - Need to know both ancestry and sex - The older you get the wider the age range is
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Unformatted text preview: 3- Aricular Surface-Granular changes, bubbling, ect (Histological changes to bone)-Buckberry and Chamberlain-Wide ranges 4- Cranial Suture Closures-Nawrocki and Zambrano-Regression formula to determine age based on how closed sutures are-Age range 15-20- Looking at skull sutures and determining how closed they are from endo and ecto surfaces 5- Histological Techniques • Number of osteons and osteon fragments increase with age Degenerative Changes- Age related pathologies- Stewart defined osteoarthritis - lipping is crudd at end of bone, -becomes pronounced at 50 plus years old- Dental loss- socio- economic status impacts the loss of teeth most- Dental Wear- Due to grit in diet-...
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