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“While father listened to the news, Junior taught us how to move our feet to the beat. We alternately moved our right and then our left feet to the front and the back, and simultaneously did the same with our arms, shaking our upper bodies and heads. ‘This move is called the running man,’ Junior said. Afterward, we would practice miming the rap songs we had memorized. Before we parted to carry out our various evening chores of fetching water and cleaning lamps, we would say ‘Peace, son’ or ‘I’m out,’ phrases we had picked up from the rap
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Unformatted text preview: lyrics. (p. 7) I find it strangely reassuring that half way around the world children take part in the same pastimes as we do. They spend their free time listening to music, playing with friends, and even doing the occasional chore. It makes me realize that their lives are not much different than ours. They live through the same experiences and emotions that we go through. It makes me wonder if somewhere else in the world, thousands of miles away, a child is sitting in their home doing their homework too....
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