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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Exam. Applied Ordinary Differential Equations ENGR 213 - Section F Exam I (B) (1) (10 points) Solve the initial value problem (x2 + 4) dy + 2xy = x, y (0) = 1. dx (2) (10 points) Solve the given homogeneous equation by the appropriate substitution 3x2 + 2y 2 dy = . dx 4xy You may leave the solution in implicit form. (3) (10 points) Solve the exact ordinary differential equation √ x+ x x2 + y2 +1 dx + y x2 + y2 + 1 dy = 0, leaving the solution in implicit form. (4) (10 points) A pitcher of buttermilk initially at 25◦ C is to be cooled by setting it on the front porch, where the temperature is 5◦ C. Suppose that the temperature of the buttermilk has dropped to 15◦ C after 20 minutes. When will it be at 10◦ C? 1 ...
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