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Engineering Economics Formulas Formulas for conversion factors Factor Symbol Factor Single sum, present worth factor (P/F, i, n) (1+i) -n Single sum, future worth factor (F/P, i, n) (1+i) n Uniform series, present worth factor (P/A, i, n) (1+i) n -1 i(1+i) n Capital recovery factor (A/P, i, n) i(1+i) n (1+i) n -1 Uniform series, future worth factor (F/A, i, n) (1+i) n -1 i Sinking fund factor (A/F, i, n) i (1+i) n -1 Gradient series, present worth factor
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Unformatted text preview: (P/G, i, n) [1-(1+ni)(1+i)-n ] i 2 Gradient to uniform series factor (A/G, i, n) (1+i) n-(1+ni) i[(1+i) n-1] Geometric series, present worth factor (P/A, g, i, n) [1-(1+g) n (1+i)-n ] for i ≠ g i-g n(1+i)-1 for i=g Effective interest rate per year i a = (1+r/m) m – 1 where: r = nominal interest rate per year m = number of compounding sub-periods per year...
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