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SUMMER 2009 Exam Schedule for Computer Studies Deadline for Conflicts is August 6TH, 2009. Please see the Main Office for Conflicts or email [email protected] Last updated: June 25, 2009 Monday August 17, 2009 Tuesday August 18, 2009 Wednesd Thursday August 20, 2009 Friday August 21, 2009 9:00 NDD430 Beetge, Letterio 52 S3028 OPS400 Li 36 T3135 INT213 H Kubba, Rudoler 77 S1208 WIN210 Douglas, Bodourian 71 T4040 CIS701 Qin 17 S2149 Lib DCN704 Wang 27 S2149 HWD101 Grant, Horvath 77 S1208 Exam IFS STA205 Baxter 8 S2157 INT222 Ohan 53 T4040 IPC144 Alam, Liu 63 S3028 OOP244 Manzer 66 T4040 IBC233 Pangborn 59 S3028 DCN455 Petri 29 S2152 DAD PRJ845 Outkina 12 S2152 SEC835 Outkina 12 T2110 11:30 TEC702 Letterio 24 S2173 DAT702 Li 55 S3028 WIN310 Bodourian 51 T4040 OPS 335 Parker 41 S2157 ULI101 Alam, Mitera, Risen 125 S1206 WIN700 Douglas 21 S2157
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Unformatted text preview: OPS 435 Callaghan 54 T4040 DBS201 Langer 49 T4040 BAC344. Baxter 18 S2173 INT322 Austin 44 S3028 OOP344. Parker 35 S2174 SYS366 Liu 25 T3135 DAD CJV805 Perry 13 S2157 CVB815 Grozav 12 S2149 IFS DCN230 Petri 6 S2174 SRT210 Hyder 5 S2149 2:00 DCN386 Allison 60 T4040 INT420 Parker 31 S2157 IOS110 N Kubba, Risen 119 S1208 DCN686 Qin 9 S2149 DCN286 Allison 71 S1208 OPS235 Trinh, Heagle 77 S1208 BPJ444 Perry 20 T4040 SYS466 B. Czegel 30 S2157 JAC444 Perry 35 T4040 BSD BTP200 Manzer 15 S2152 BTD210 Langer 8 S2152 ALTERNATIVE EXAMS : APL701 TEC701 PRJ566 PRJ666 SEC520 DPS911 OSD700 Rooms: S1250 used on Thursday by Karen, S3019 - Monica all week , T2109 booked for Thursday for TCN's...
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