ImplementationPlan_OS_June_2009_Update - M u bi u ể K...

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Unformatted text preview: M u bi u ẫ ể K HO CH TRI N KHAI Ế Ạ Ể MÔN H C Ọ Mã hi u: 04-MB/DT/DHFPT ệ L n ban hành: 1/1 ầ Ngày hi u l c: 26/12/2007 ệ ự COURSE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Course title: Operating System Length of Study : From 1/06/2009 to18/07/2009 Lecturer and Instructors: - Assoc. Prof., Dr Nguy n Văn Tam (Institute of Information Technology – IOIT) ễ- Dr. Đào Tr ng Nghĩa ọ- Ngô H i Anh (IOIT) ả- Tri u Th Thu Th y (IOIT) ệ ị ủ E-mail:- [email protected] Telephone: - 04-38362136 (Department of Telematics, IOIT) 1) Course Objectives In this course the student will gain an understanding of: a) Background knowledge: The role of operating system, important concepts, the mechanism of operating, and understanding main problems of Operating system. b) Practice skills: Using basic shell command in Linux system fluently. Fundamental of shell, C language on Linux. Main problems of Operating system through some simulative exercises. 2) Forms of Training: a) Lecturing in class b) Lab practice c) Self-Study d) Consulting (exchange information by email, students and lecturers can use email to communicate outside class). e) Course special requirement Lecture class needs to be equipped with Projector to support teachers in giving experience and skills, at the same time students get more practice in presentation, and study better. Linux Server, Students use Putty software to access the Linux server. So, the Linux Server always is available. CD Ubuntu desktop 9.04 3) Use of IT during the course a) Use of Projector in lectures....
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ImplementationPlan_OS_June_2009_Update - M u bi u ể K...

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