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43c05cde2fc9214df07316d38016196731748615.xls FPT UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAM IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING SYLLABUS (Under Decision No: …. .../2009/FU-HT date ...... /....... /2009 ) 1 Course Name OPERATING SYSTEMS 2 Course Code CF104-1 3 No of credits 2 4 Degree Level Bachelor 5 Time Allocation 6 Pre-requisite 7 Main objectives 8 Description 9 Student's task 10 11 12 Scoring scale 10 13 Schedule 14 Exam structure 15 Approval Date 16 Approval Level Contact time: 20 slots Lectures: 12 Lab/Tutorials: 8 Home study: 20 slots 1 slot = 90' EN051 or equivalent English qualification. CF100 (I2C), At the end of this course, students will be able to perceive: a) Background knowledge: -The role of operating system, - important OS concepts, - the mechanism of operating system, and - main problems of Operating system. b) Practice skills: - Using basic shell command in Linux system fluently. - Fundamental of shell, C language on Linux. - Main problems of Operating system through some simulative exercises. Topics:  OPERATING SYSTEM Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 What is an operating system 1.2 History of operating systems 1.3 The operating system zoo 1.4 Computer hardware review 1.5 Operating system concepts 1.6 System calls 1.7 Operating system structure Chapter 2: Process and Thread 2.1 Introduction to process 2.2 Introduction to thread 2.3 Scheduling 2.4 Interprocess communication and synchronization Chapter 3: Deadlock 3.1 Computer system resources 3.2 Deadlock solutions Chapter 4: Memory management 4.1 Basic memory management 4.2 Virtual memory 4.3 Page replacement algorithms 4.4 Design issues for paging systems 4.5 Implementation issues 4.6 Segmentation
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Syllabus_CF104-1_Summer_2009_OS - FPT UNIVERSITY...

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