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1. is used in mutual exclusion : hash 2. process state transition are legerl : waiting – running 3. hold and wait any present dead lock : request all resumser imtu…. 4. actim generates external interiupt: input/output operator is complet 5. random access memory(RAM) : is volatile 6. not happen an interiupt is recied : the code for the interiupt is struction is saved an the stack 7. layer that routing operator is exearked : network 8. www clien server : clien is use to display www document 9. protocol used to inform error earcening IP : ICMP 10. default FTP used fonts : 20.21 11. is not HDLC is transfer mode : SRM 12. client server computing is based open : client ask server for servied and server provide it reply 13. send and recied email : SMTP and POP3 14. UDP provide : unrealiable 15. web, mail operator at : application 16. IP address and aport number : a data offset a socket 17. RandomAm: thì chon dap an mà nó co ch “can” C co the lam cai j đó. May tim them trong slide xem. Day la RAM ma` 18. H đi u hành dinh nghĩa là nh th nay :….a user ò cumpter and the computer
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Unformatted text preview: ệ ề ư ế hardware.D nh nghĩa h đi u hành có trong slide đây nh là day no cho 4 cai ị ệ ề ơ going nhau lam nho là a user of computer j đó xem lai nhe 19. Cau h i có ỏ www.fpt.edu.vn thi ch n cai nay HTTP ọ 20. câu noà mà h i lung tung ây có 50 150 va 200 thì mày ch n co dap an 100 thi ỏ ọ trong 21. có câu h i v cái thap 7 t ng y có 4 đáp an nh ng có m t câu có đáp an là ỏ ề ầ ấ ư ộ application 22. Có câu h i nó cho First message j đó mày nh ch n cái SIY… ỏ ớ ọ 23. Co 2 cau hoi ve 4 cai listen connect j do: thi ben 0s chon connect con ben network chon listen 24. Project 802.14: standards for digital convergence Câu h i v chu n mang wiles Lans thi mày nh chu n la 802.11 nó cho 4 đáp án ỏ ề ẩ ớ ẩ là .11 .12 .13 và .14. 25.UDP va TCP UDP (User Datagram Protocol) , TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) chap4...
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