thi net work - 1 a b c d At the CRC generate added the data...

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1. At the CRC generate, ___ added the data unit before division process. a. 1s are b. A polynomial is c. 0s are d. a CRC remainder is 2. What type of routing algorithm that OSPF use? a. Shortest Path Routing b. Multicast Routing c. Distance Vector Routing d. Link State Routing 3. The bytes of data being transferred in each connection are numbered by TCP. The number starts with a a. none is correct b. randomly generated number c. 1 d. 0 4. The ___ model shows how the network functions of a computer ought to be organized. a. OSI b. CCITT c. ANSI d. ISO 5. ___ audio/video refers to on-demand request for compressed audio/video files. a. Streaming live b. Interactive c. None is correct d. Streaming stored 6. The physical layer is concerned with the movement of ___ over the physical medium. a. protocols b. dialogs c. bits d. programs 7. What is the protocol that network devices (for example: modem ADSL) use to assign IP address to PCs in LAN automatically? a. OSPF b. IGRP c. DHCP d. HTTP
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8. If ASCII character H is sent and the character I is received, what type of errors is this? a. burst b. single-bit c. recoverable d. multiple-bit 9. HDLC is a ___ protocol a. character-oriented b. count-oriented c. byte-oriented d. bit-oriented 10. An image is 1024 x 768 pixels with 3 bytes/pixel. Assume the image is uncompressed. How long does it take to transmit it over a 1-Mbps cable modem? a.
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thi net work - 1 a b c d At the CRC generate added the data...

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