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MANA 4322 Winter - MANA 4322-001 Organizational Strategy Winter Intersession 2010/2011 Instructor Dwight Long Phone 817-272-2395 Office COBA 526

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MANA 4322-001 Organizational Strategy Winter Intersession 2010/2011 Instructor: Dwight Long Phone: 817-272-2395 Office: COBA 526 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: By Appointment Website: Class Time: MTWTF: 8:00 AM – 11:45 AM Room: COBA 243 Text: - Organization Strategy 4322 by Dess, Lumpkin, and Eisner ISBN 0390669209. This customized version of the textbook is only available at the UT Arlington Bookstore. - Foundation ® Business Simulation (on line registration) . Booklet distributed in class. Course Overview The primary thrust of this course is general management. It will be different from most of the courses you have had in functional areas (e.g., accounting, marketing) because you will be required to use a wide range of business knowledge and exhibit diverse skills. Therefore, it will be demanding and challenging because you must perform in topic areas where you have both strengths and weaknesses. This course has historically been called “business/organizational policy,” and its sole purpose was to help the student “integrate” the knowledge he or she had developed in other courses in the undergraduate business program. Business policy traditionally had little content of its own. However, in recent years it has become increasingly apparent that all managers not only must apply knowledge from a variety of functional areas (e.g., accounting, marketing, finance), but also perform activities that require knowledge and skills not addressed in those areas. Some of the trends that reinforce this need include downsizing, delayering, empowerment, and intensified global competition. Therefore, it has become acknowledged that there is a unique body of knowledge that is not taught in functional business courses that should be taught in a course such as this. Topics such as the nature of managerial work, strategy formulation and implementation, and organization design are examples. Also the development/refinement of skills in oral and written communication and conceptual/integrating ability is a major objective of the course. Course Objectives The course has multiple objectives which include the following: 1. Developing a general management orientation; becoming able to analyze broad, organization-wide problems. 2. Integrating the business skills you have already developed and knowledge you have obtained. In the immediate future this should give you a better understanding of how your position(s) relate(s) to the overall performance of your organization. Also, much of this course is structured to simulate the job that many of you may have or will have in the near future -- a staff manager responsible for helping to develop recommendations on the strategic issues that face your organization. 3.
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MANA 4322 Winter - MANA 4322-001 Organizational Strategy Winter Intersession 2010/2011 Instructor Dwight Long Phone 817-272-2395 Office COBA 526

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