A demand for simplicity - A demand for simplicity In this...

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A demand for simplicity In this complex world this trends would be seen when consumers would be seeking value for their price. They would want simple offering with greatest value. Simple user friendly phones, i pods, networking sites, simple procedures. Focus on Board room There would be more attention given to the Corporate Government. The current global fiasco has been compelled consumers to go deep into the things, be more aware and for the companies to be more honest and transparent to gain consumer’s trust. Excessive executive pay, use of public money has already been irritating the public, now they have started voicing their thoughts. Discretionary Thrift Being a spendthrift is no more in. Frugality is the fashion statement. People are recycling more, buying used goods, and imbuing their children with traditional values. Mercurial Consumption Consumers are becoming agile & fickle: Ready to change their purchase, fickle shoppers. They could instantly find something than abandon it even more quickly. There shopping decisions are liable to sudden and unpredictable change for reason at all. It would get difficult for marketers to retain their customer base. Green Consumerism This would reduce as per the study; it talks about consumer going green, because it’s expensive. They would do things that are possible individually like talking smaller steps, switching off lights and all but not going for green, eco friendly cloths etc. that expensive affair. The decline of deference This estimation talks about Regeneration/ Reestablishment of trust and faith in government authorities, infrastructure and policies, public holding companies. As In this recession, we anticipate a similar short-term recovery of trust
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A demand for simplicity - A demand for simplicity In this...

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