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ACC_1 - Collection Period(Days Inventory Turnover Payables...

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Base Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Balance Sheet Assets Cash 13288 Receivables 76712 Inventory 80000 Total Ca 170000 PPE 200000 Acc Dep 40000 Net 160000 Total Assets 330000 Liabilities Payables 40000 OCL 5000 Total CL 45000 L T Debt 130000 Capital([email protected] 10) 100000 RE 55000 Total Equity 155000 Total Liabilities 330000 Income Statement Sales 800000 COGS 520000 Gross Margin 280000 Wages 40000 SD &A Exp 120000 Depriciation 20000 others expences 40000 Total Exp 220000 EBIT 60000 Interest 15600 Tax 15540 PAT 28860 Dividend 10000 Profit tfrd to RE 18860 Op RE 36140 Closing RE 55000 Projected EPS 2.886 Projected Price 92.352 Growth in EPS Growth in price Assumptions Sales Growth GrossMargin (% of sales)
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Unformatted text preview: Collection Period(Days) Inventory Turnover Payables Period(Days) Exppense Ratios Growth In wages SD & Admin Exp (% of sales) Depreciation (SLM) (inc %) Other Expenses(% of sales) Interest Rate Dividend(% of FV) Investment in PPE Additional Borrowings Repayments of loans Fresh Issue of Shares Issues of share happens towards the later part of the year and hence its dividend in not paid in the current yr but the next inventory turnover 12/6.5 no. of months the inventroy remains in the godown...
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