51-ME4211 - = 18600g CO2 20000g CO2 500000g CO2 =538600g...

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2.2 Calculate the Global Warming Potential (i) Decide the time scale for which the global warming potential is to be calculated. Unless specific reasons indicate otherwise, select 100 years. (ii) Find the substance’s equivalency factor for the chosen time scale in Table 2. (iii) Calculate the global warming potential , EP(gw) by multiplying the magnitude of the emission (or the quantity of substance, Q) with the equivalency factor , EF(gw) found: 1
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Example Question Calculate the total global warming potentials for a time of 20 yrs for an emission of 300g of CH4, 20000g of CO2 and 100g CFC11, based on information in Table 2. Solution : (300g CH4 x 62g CO2/g CH4)+(20000g CO2 x 1g CO2/g CO2)+(100g CFC11 x 5000g CO2/g CFC11)
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Unformatted text preview: = 18600g CO2 + 20000g CO2+500000g CO2 =538600g CO2 equivalency 2 • As evident from Table 2, the choice of time scale T plays a large role in the magnitude of the equivalency factor. • For those gases with atmospheric lives significantly shorter than that of the reference gas CO2 , the equivalency factor decreases with an increase in T . The opposite is the case for those gases with significantly longer lives than CO2. • In accordance with general LCA practice, the EDIP method recommends using a time scale of 100 years , but equivalency factors for 20 and 500 years are also given in the table in order to show the significance of T and to provide the option of alternative choices. 3...
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51-ME4211 - = 18600g CO2 20000g CO2 500000g CO2 =538600g...

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