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60-ME4211 - • The weight accorded nutrient enrichment...

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2.2 Calculate the Nutrient Enrichment Potential (i) Decide whether the nutrient enrichment potentials are to be calculated separately for nitrogen and phosphorus , or whether a combined potential is preferable. (ii) Find the substance’s equivalency factor(s ) in Table 4.7. (iii) Calculate potential(s) for nutrient enrichment , EP(ne) by multiplying the magnitude of the emission (or the quantity of substance, Q) by the equivalency factor(s) found, EP(N) for separate nitrogen potential, 1
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It is possible to operate with two potentials for nutrient enrichment , one for each of the two nutrients N and P. It will be an advantage to treat N and P separately if an assessment is subsequently to be made of whether the contributions to nutrient enrichment are to be accorded major or little weight on the basis of site-specific considerations
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Unformatted text preview: . • The weight accorded nutrient enrichment depends on whether the nutrient which is added is the limiting one in the ecosystem in question . This can only be decided if the contributions from compounds containing N and P are treated separately in the calculation of their potentials. 2 • It is also possible for the sake of simplicity to operate with only one potential for nutrient enrichment . The two nutrient enrichment potentials must then be combined, which requires an assumption of a fixed relative strength of the contributions from N and P, which must be independent of the type and sensitivity of the ecosystem which is exposed. • As for several of the other potential environmental impacts, the potentials for nutrient enrichment are expressed as an equivalent quantity of a reference substance. 3...
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60-ME4211 - • The weight accorded nutrient enrichment...

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