67-ME4211 - demanding than that for the other categories ....

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2.2 Weighting (i) Carry out the weighting by multiplying the normalised impact potentials or resource consumptions for the product by the corresponding weighting factors in Tables 4.10a and 4.10b. In weighting, each of the normalised impact potentials and resource consumptions is multiplied by a weighting factor which expresses its importance relative to the other impact categories within each of the main groups environment, working environment and resource consumption. 1
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3. Qualitative Assessment The assessment of the potential contributions of emissions to environmental impacts can be both quantitative and qualitative. The qualitative assessment supplements a quantitative assessment in the areas where it has not been possible to generate the necessary information for a quantitative assessment. On " ecotoxicity " and " human toxicity ", the quantitative assessment of impact potentials for these categories is far more
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Unformatted text preview: demanding than that for the other categories . • It can be a help to use qualitative assessment tools to designate the most significant emission and thus to focus the quantitative assessment on them. 2 • A qualitative method was therefore developed for assessment of substances' ecotoxic and human toxic characteristics . • The method is also used in a simple ranking of alternative products on the basis of the ecotoxicity and the toxicity of the substances emitted during the products' life cycles. • For both ecotoxicity and human toxicity, the method is based on separate assessments of (i) Exposure: the possibility that an emission will occur and the extent of exposure. (ii) Toxicity: the substance’s ecotoxicity or human toxicity. The qualitative assessment of a chemical is expressed in an impact score, which is the product of an exposure score and human toxicity or ecotoxicity score . 3...
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67-ME4211 - demanding than that for the other categories ....

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