70-ME4211 - end-of-life conditions leading to the rise of...

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1. More from Less The economical approach to consuming is already apparent in areas where resource use has a direct and obvious link to environmental damage. It is especially true of energy but applies to water and other resources too . This trend towards the ever more efficient use of resources will be intensified for consumer products by the knock-on effect of action elsewhere in the economy. For many products, the market is of key importance. The opportunities for manufacturers who develop greener products that achieve the efficiency ideal of delivering more from less . 1
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1. More from Less (Cont’d) People around the world are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection . - Recent issues like dioxin contamination of dairy products and outbreaks of epidemic diseases have raised such awareness. Consumers have gradually developed a preference for products with green attributes and environmentally-friendly
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Unformatted text preview: end-of-life conditions, leading to the rise of so-called green consumerism in overseas markets. • While the rising demand for green products offers new opportunities for Hong Kong companies, changing regulatory requirements that aim to promote environmental protection in major markets like the US, the EU and Japan are also compelling exporters to make their products green. • Hong Kong companies should thus proactively keep track of related developments, with a view to featuring products with the appropriate 2 1. More from Less (Cont’d) • Forecasting the future is usually little more than an entertaining diversion, for such forecasts rarely provide any reliable indicator to what happens in practice. However, it is possible to discern some of the trends that are likely to be about the lifestyles that people will adopt in the face of the critical environmental pressures now facing the world. 3...
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70-ME4211 - end-of-life conditions leading to the rise of...

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