73-ME4211 - when exposed to abnormal fields close to its...

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4. New pollution worries Persistent worries about damage to health caused by electromagnetic radiation from electricity cables have been dismissed . In Reality Example: Electric power systems work at around 50hz just above the naturally occurring frequency of 30hz generated by the Earth. Our bodies are tuned in to this low frequency so any frequency close to this is going to interfere with us, such as the 50hz Ac mains power system used in the UK. ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic fields vibrating from 0.5 to 100hz, even if they are weaker than the Earth's field, interfere with the cues that keep our biological cycles properly timed. Effect Chronic stress and impaired disease resistance results . The frequencies that ELF AC systems use are very close to the natural brain rhythms of cerebrate creatures such as man. The pineal gland is the principal structure in the brain that is directly sensitive to the earth's magnetic field . As a result it functions abnormally
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Unformatted text preview: when exposed to abnormal fields close to its own. • Its abnormal functioning can cause neurological and behavioural problems. 1 4. New pollution worries (Cont’d) • Manufacturers of at least some kinds of electrical equipment may in the future be faced with new regulations on the lines of those imposed to restrict radiation from computer monitors . • Increasing concerns about pollution have created huge markets for monitoring equipment to check everything from pollution in rivers to air quality. • Technological advances and the growing concern among some of the public about pollution will lead to a demand for monitoring equipment cheap and simple enough to be used domestically , probably primarily for checking air quality. • Growing awareness of the links between environmental pollution and human health will change perceptions of some products and drive innovation in the future. 2 For Manufacturers...
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73-ME4211 - when exposed to abnormal fields close to its...

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