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81-ME4211 - 12 Drive from"green consumerism in overseas...

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12. Drive from "green consumerism" in overseas markets Notably, the proportion of green consumers who actively seek out and buy green products is on the rise, accounting for more than 20% of the population in the US and the UK, and around 50% in western Germany . While green product information is increasingly available and included among the criteria for consumer purchases, some have even considered a green lifestyle fashionable. To no one's surprise, the younger generation is relatively more concerned about environmental protection, and green consumers usually have higher incomes and are better educated. As such youngsters and higher-income groups have gradually become major buyers in the consumer market, the influence of green consumers will impact not only on demand patterns, but also on the development of product standards and regulations. More importantly, an increasing number of consumers are willing to pay more for products with green attributes , and the price premium enjoyed by green products could be, for instance, as much as 20% in the US market. All these reveal that there is an increasing opportunity in overseas markets stemming from green consumerism. Hong Kong companies can consider differentiating their products from others by offering green products or products with green attributes to increase their value-added amid keen competition in the marketplace. 1
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13. Regulatory changes and voluntary schemes in favour of green products The US, the EU and Japan have introduced a number of regulatory requirements for various consumer products in relation to environmental protection, largely aiming at minimising hazardous substances
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